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Watching the Races

The Univest Grand Prix is a two-day family festival held in historic Doylestown, Franconia, Souderton and Telford, Pennsylvania built around the excitement and prestige of televised professional bicycle racing. The festival consists of two spectacular pro races, races for children ages 3 to 13 combined with a children's fun fair, and a special ride for the "weekend warriors" - recreational cyclists who want to test themselves on a true racecourse. Adding to the full weekend is the Doylestown Arts Festival that complements the event. You can also watch the racing live on Saturday on WFMZ.

VIDEO: Gearing up for this weekend’s big race (The Reporter)
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Live TV, Radio & Webcasts

Watch live on Saturday, Sept 17
69 New WFMZ

Live coverage will be broadcast on WFMZ-TV Channel 69 from the start of the race at 11 a.m. till noon on Saturday, Sept. 17, then coverage will switch to WFMZ affiliate RTV Channel 69.4 on the digital line-up.

WFMZ will simulcast the entire race live on www.wfmz.com and return to live coverage on 69.1 after the Central Michigan vs. Western Michigan MAC football game. The entire race will be replayed on 69.1 starting at 3:30 p.m.

Please check your local cable listings for channel selection and times.

Comcast SportsNet

WNPV Info-Radio 1440AM

Sunday's Univest Grand Prix of Doylestown is held in this beautiful Victorian town. Great locations and local food combined with the excitement of pro racing make the Univest Grand Prix one of the most entertaining weekends a family can find. What's more, it's free for all.

Univest Grand Prix Road Race, Saturday, September 17

North America's Pro Classic live! Watch on a giant TV screen at the finish line in Souderton. Or if at home, be sure to watch Channel 69 WFMZ-TV's live, start-to-finish coverage.

The Univest Grand Prix is a true, classic road race where top racing cyclists from across the globe gather to do battle with North America's finest stars on a tough course that only a strongman can win. Teams from Italy, Mexico, Holland, Poland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and Germany have honored the Univest Grand Prix with their presence over the years, and given the race its stellar international reputation.

Learn more details in the Spectator’s Guide to the Univest Grand Prix.

Other local events on the 17th include the Upper Perkiomen Bird And Wildlife Festival in Green Lane.

Univest Grand Prix of Doylestown, Sunday, September 18

The Criterium! This short circuit, fast-action racing style represents the heart and soul of USA racing. Held on a 1.4-mile course in the center of Doylestown, the race encircles their famed Arts Festival.

Get there early for a prime viewing spot, watch the intensity of the pros unfold, then finish off your day, and the perfect weekend, with the Arts Festival. Free kids races too! Autograph sessions with the pros for the kids. See the Children's Races section for more information.

Start/Finish Line: West Court and Main Street, Doylestown. See course information.

Children's Races

Races for children ages 3 to 13 will be held on both Saturday and Sunday at the start/finish line of the races.

Admission is free for all for both days. Helmets must be worn. Prizes will be awarded to all participants.

Please see the Kids race section for more information

What do some of those cycling terms mean?


Celia Cole photo

A few of the most commonly used terms are:

  • Attack - an explosive acceleration of effort made by a rider to shake others out of their slipstream and gain time
  • Break or breakaway - an individual or group of riders who gain time on the rest of the field
  • Draft or drafting - when a racer tucks in behind another cyclist to seek a break from battling the wind; drafting can reduce the amount of energy a rider has to expend by as much as 30%. All tactics in cycling revolve around the concept of drafting.
  • Paceline - if racers are in a break, or if the peloton is moving very fast, riders will take turns at the front, both to keep the pace high and allow one another to rest; is related to drafting.
  • Peloton or field - the main group of cyclists in the race; all description of action in the race use the peleton as a reference point.
  • Sitting-on - the action of a rider refusing to take turns and ride in the wind. The rider “sitting on” is benefiting from the efforts of the others.
  • Bridging the gap - the effort of leapfrogging from one group to another.
  • Drop - leaving another rider or group behind, dropping them out of your slipstream.